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26th april 2020 this site/email will expire. **GAME OVER** INSERT NEW COIN. no one cares do they. art is the first deluxe,
luxury consumer commodity to go right? no one 'needs' a picture or a song do they...cheers bob, t'wer great in bits.
keith? get off yer shit. "speaking from isolation since january 28th 2001!"

not a touch
not a kiss
not a word
i will miss

{2nd verse, your turn}

some of what you have missed, download it all and delete what you don't want to keep. big files.

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and there is soooo much you've never seen or heard

i used to enjoy [that's a word i don't often see] 'spot the difference'


in case you got this far and were looking for some sort of explination

"where we're going we don't need road"

speaking from isolation since january 28th 2001 [yes it realy is that long since i touched
or was touched by another human being. apart from the occasional handshake]
last social outing, seen in public? march 2003. last actual private meeting 2009/10 [?]
since, i've been in this 7 feet 8 inch by 12 feet 11 inch room only having to go out for
tobacco as i smoke - oh boy do i smoke. "go ahead punk, ask me why i smoke"
i now call this room "the gas chamber"

"are you happy in your work?" a lecturer [dave jackson] used to ask on a regular basis.

why? i last had a bath or shower in 2005, last time i washed my hair was 2007
i preserve water and refuse to pour gallons of oil based chemical into the water chain.
pits an bits, hands an face sure. i do have my two and a half inches of warm water now and again.
you see the boiler [gas] takes 2 gallons of water just to warm it up - more waste
on a waste of space human being like me. i do have my pure, clean 
cold mountain stream from the cold tap every morning and i count myself dam
fortunate to have been born in a country where i have that.
[artist - garrents - tch]

anti fracking? - you bet 't'cha

what about the smell? i smell like a human being, like human beings have smelt for 1000s of years. 

you people stink of chemicals.

that i can't stand. what's more precious than water. NOTHING is more precious than water
and you lot pour it away day after day after day needlessly. washing clothing? standard
non fashion items, three sets changed once a year. less dangerous chemistry 
out into the sea. - {i have a therory - when oil is turned into petrol there are lots
of "waste" chemical products the refining industry can't get shut of. what's the best
way to shift it? package it up into hair conditioner and sell it to folk who can then
dump it in small amounts - creates a whole industry of waste disposal without anyone
knowing it. and not just hair conditioner - thousands of products fullfil the same
function and we all fall for it like sheep being schooled by the advertising industry
into co-operation [all be it ignorant of the facts] - and as a by product
fund thousands of, what are in effect, pointless jobs and tasks that ultimatly
kill the natural world that we all depend on. thick as fuck man.
what if i told you that the crap you use to reduce wrinkles on 'yo' face started life as
a hemmeroid cream - coz it did. re-name, re-package, re-sell}

why fuck up the sealife domain too? [from satilite images we can track the effluent
danager out into the Irish sea from Liverpool bay. same at ALL OTHER RIVER OUTLETS.
seafood? no way baby. eat creatures that sit at the bottom of the sea and sift shit for
a living?

"did you know" something that cropped up in a BBC report some time back,
some firms use "timed chemical release" as a way to get you to buy more of their product
as replacements and "fill ups". like air freshners, washing powders, carpet cleaners,
toilet cleaners. they deliberatly release a 'bad' smell to get you to buy more of their
'good' small.

it's a con - most of life is based on some form of con trick.
the point being to get money out of your pocket and into the pockets of the share holders.
that's life as big frank might say. keeps you coming back for more though.
and besides, what else are we gonna do with the shit that comes out of the top of the 
oil refinment stack?

it's all as precious as the air we breath - i decided not to drive a long long time ago
when engines/bikes and cars were 'my thing' at age 12.

cosmetics? why? there is a whole psychological disertation for that in it's purpose
as mating behaviour. but it's also a partial hang over from the early days of hollywood
and the need to enhance the features for the cameras and available film stock of the time.
now? it's a whole digital ecconomy in itself. like tatoos. david beckham has a tatoo and
the whole world wants the same. to look like a Tahician warrior. ok people have engraved,
tatooed and painted their bodies for thousands of years, the Egyptian pharos being a particular
zenith of the type. it's often about a sense of place or attachment to tribe.

but really? beautiful is beautiful because it's more than just skin deep.
can you picture what that girl who had her arse tatooed is going to look
like on a beach in 20 or 30 years time? mental man.

and now 'man grooming' is a thing!!??
just another example of - "the influencers" con.

think i'm being too hard and judgmental on humanity and that they would never
be that cynically manipulative? look again brother, look again. especially at the
calls of wall street. people throw people into gas chambers, people burn people
in thier own homes to clense their societies of the "undesirables"

[psst, give 'em all a mobile phone with GPS an blutooth {{always on - not safe}} an we can track 'em too']

i am an artist and musician. i do nothing that is in demand, useful, practical or productive
in any feasable financial terms therefore i do NOT deserve to use the most
precious of our earths resources - and now electricity is starting to reach a premium
where as up until now it's been an abundent resource because of oil and coal and gas extraction

the long term consequences of nuclear are repugnant, the future of fusion is still distant.
wind is largely impractical without useful storage and water power comes
with all sorts of caviates for the wildlife and farming. i'd like to see africa plugged in
thus providing many jobs in that area but the colosal inferstructure building is taking
far too long to put in place. desert building - construction on land that constantly moves
would be a great help [part of that, out of sight out of mind mentallity] but it would
certainly be very very wrong to rip up forests and grasslands to do the job.
may be the tip there would be to 'move with the sand' like we move with the ice
in polar research.

we've got to start cleaning up after ourselves and using more brown field sites.
but the tight fucks at the top are so reluctant - "it cost too much out of our profits.
it's all wrapped up in investments for your pensions" you lieing toad. at this rate
there will be no need for pensions - it's all just more "con you" bullshit.
it's the new lining on YOUR swimming pool. the new set of tires for the Bentley.
the fence for your daughters' pony. the Picaso in a vault that you look at once a year.
the jewels for the wife that see the light of day once a decade.

fuck 'em - can you see why i'm still vastly angry inside?


24 albums, numerous singles, specials, bonus tracks. hundreds of art images.
you could say all the music and art mediums of old but crucially no 3d gaming style
imagery and no great booty like Beyonce et al.

3d? massively expensive to produce and can't be done with any great end product from
a domestic PC {even a big and fast one - it's taken 10 machine builds to get to this point}.
booty? sex sells - on film? - i'm a bloke - one bloke, when i mention professional
commitment - most folk just walk away because of the "not for wages but for love" situation
that can't be overcome initially unless you are prepared to take on huge debt from the
get go.
this girl has it going' on - that's taken hours to do.

"ah but it's all about risk and reward" no mate it's about food an shelter.
"you could crowd source it" yeah and you could end up owing a lot of people money too.
risk. ever played the game?

i've been every where man. from vitaminic to ultimate band list to besonic to sound
click and myspace to bandcamp to music glue to reverbnation to soundcloud and many
many more. from spotify to itunes to junodownload, we7, deezer you name it - 24 purchase
outlets online. where you end up?

at the bottom of a very big list of others all doing the same. ALL those places
attract musicians NOT audience.

linked in, facebook [twice] twitter, wordpress, blogger, youtube, instagram. 
done 'em all. they just seem like places where people go for an argument. an unless you're
up for an argument they don't want to know. coz not taking them up on it
'doesn't' promote them.

20+ years = $12.65 in total returns. not a living is it? 100s of streams, 100s of downloads

it's a model that - because it's so saturated - doesn't work. the "biz"? laughing
all the way to the bank as it's the best hunting ground for profitable projects
with zero investment. and the folk making money on the way? those that advertise
promises of fantastic oppotunity and success - for a price. the "influencers' influencer"

"ah but what about how folk have adapted quickly in the face of this virus and got themselves
online and publishing in double quick time, why haven't you done any of that you idol fuck?"

any idea of the amount of electrical watts it takes to prop up the vasy eco unfriendly
data centers that - because of the extra traffic generated - have had to cut data flow
responce times just to cope? video conferencing - vital for emergancy responce teams
not for 'critical comedy/music podcasts and live streams'


that's partly why i'm getting out of the internet altogether. been here 20 plus years. it's
done me no good and cost the earth much in energy poorly spent. my arms, wrists and fingers
[mouse happy] legs, back, shoulders are all fucked from bad posture staring at a screen for hours on end
my nerves are shattered at the constant 'on edge' anticipation of system freeze and
malicious/virus activity. my eyes are screwed, my ears now repeat the whir of fans
even when they are switched off. and i can hardly breath with a lung capacity of
half an egg cup and heart valves the thinkness of a pencil when they should be the size of
hose pipe coz of the hours of sitting still bar the mouse action.

i'm a wreck. haven't seen a dentist or an optician for decades

"so what? back to discs and tapes." ABSOLUTLY NO WAY. more oil based contrivences
that just fuck up the planet. 1000s of tones of plastic get's turned into pound shop
rubbish every single day - i want no part in adding that.

i dunno, don't think art and music have much of a future to be frank. everyone is a professional now.
now that you can just buy a cliche from an online store - samples, beats, you name it it's available without
any real understanding of craft or process or orginination or even how to
profit from that as there is so much competative creating going on with no thought or
care for royalties or funding [coz it's all just hobbists] you are just on a merry go round
of profit for others as you try to navigate and sculpt a nieche - custom made for an
audience of one.

personally i think it's dead in the water, a period of history that just fizzled out.

"what about VR and the 3d gaming world?" it's 'A' future. not so sure the required tech will
ever reach a price point that more folk can take part and again it's all
about the speed of connection to a large data farm and the provisoning of energy to keep it all propped up
suprised no one seems to be going futher into VRML (now 'web3d') - that it requires a plug in install
holds it back. providing it across platforms is also difficult and until we get way beyond 5G,
still impractical. it's there but it's still lacking the power to transfer detail and texture.
especially the rules for light in multiple bounce situations.

i'll still have my machines and software - may be fewer updates and upgrades but what works
now will still work tomorrow [no incoming viruses/malware if you are not connected]

maybe it'll return to a simpler time when artworks were not 'visible' until the artist
dies and access to their studio thrown open to the dogs of profit reveals the work.

24 terrabyes of personal data storage available and filling up very quickly with these larger files
in these current times. part of the joy of the history of what i'm involved with is knowing that
at one time all i could manage was a 400 x 600 pixel image and now i deal with 4000 pixels and above.

what's that definition of madness? repeating the same thing over an over but expecting a different result.
me? daft as a brush.

however, 3d sight and sound is a whole different ball game, and in the end?
what are you trying to reproduce? the real world is HERE to walk around in.
i can understand the want to experiment with fantasy and the not physically possible
but if you are a portrait artist or landscape artist? forget it mate, the computing power would be huge.
so i defines a type - which is why most of what we see as 'created art' online or in games deals with
fantasy sinarios. sci-fi, monsters, virtual killing, virtual sex, virtual olde worlde. things that have
no real parallel in the real world and as such can be compared to. sports are the best efforts
we have to date and they require [as does the fantasy stuff] vast teams of employees to fashion them
and enormous data bills from the render farms and hosting options. things that, as a humble solo artist, you can
never acheive.

which is how the 'big business moguls' got back control after the first rush of internet growth
that resembled a wild west gold rush. it's done - it's over - real estate has been parcelled out.
the required backing just to play the game has once again become it's restrictive practise.

i do wish i weren't a dislexic typist

didn't think to mantion this but then i thought it's another "thought to leave you with"
and wraps around the whole eco action starting from yourself first. i haven't been on what
people call a holiday since the late 80s. i haven't left this towns outer boundry since the mid 90s.
no more than a 30 mile radius anyway. don't think 2 one day trips to london count.

as you probably know i have no wife, no girlfriend, kids, pets,
don't drive etc but i did once fly to Tenarife it was a week in a shared appartment. 
as we landed i came out in exzcma and spent a week in the shower trying to stay cool and covered
in anti itch cream of various sorts. it's a highly mineralised island isn't it. volcanic rock, bannas
and lizards everywhere.

so, one flight in a lifetime? well i did do an island hop along with a manchester~gatwick~short flight to gersey
island hop to gurnsey with parent at 13 years old. terrifying. i can't stand flying, quickly found that out.
so two flights in a lifetime [4 if you count both ways separatly] that i feel the guilt of
that tells it's own tale.

"ways to live a "good" life" the advertisers use any way to squeeze your inner paranoia bone to get you to spend spend spend.
have you ever had time to really stop and think about what 'you' do?

grab a load of 'my stuff' for free, and have look and a listen from your local device - NOT STREAMED
before it all disappears for good. you don't miss what you've never had even if you had it and no longer do after a whole bunch of time...
keith! get off yer shit.

things well worth a go.....

phil cuddy

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well if the cover design in DAZ wasn't such a pain to do you would have had another day to grab this last track.
as it is just 4 days left if not less. it's supposed to be the 26th but it could go before it could go later.
here is the last offering from me. it's astounding how many folk have downloaded in the last few days. seems
like if you know it's not going to be there 'forever' there is a sudden rush to grab it. ah well if it had
been that way all along maybe i could be continuing but i doubt that given my experience. what is that quote.
if you can't be good at something be a good example of how to get it all wrong...? something like that.
i am the 'best' example of how to get it wrong.

here then from the original cassette four track is 'Parting Word'. jam along with your insrument, write the words
or just listen and enjoy. get in touch, it would be nice to know what yo come up can't. oh well.

Parting Word [44-16] CD Mac

Parting Word [44-16] CD Win

Parting Word [48-24] Hi

Parting Word [96-24] UHD

Parting Word [44-16-128kbs] Lo

Parting Word [44-16-320kbs] Hi

and one for the dance tribe a re-issue/upload 'Climbing Mountains On The Way'

Climbing Mountains On The Way

"get off yer shit" - eating rejection for breakfast since 1972! - huge thanks to everyone who has downloaded in the last few weeks
[700 plus, more than in the last ten years in just two weeks!!!! :-) nice to make a 1000 before sunday. "hey, tell yer friends"

"nash, a space in which to dream" see you down a no you won't

right click and save as any image on this page

corona corvid 19? you'll have fogotten all about it by christmas. folk are already frustrated and saying fuck it.
fuck the virus, fuck the planet, fuck the rest of these arseholes, I need the cash. humans - being

hours to go i guess. we didn't quite make the 1000 but thanks to everyone who has downloaded - enjoy
"the internet, the biggest communication medium the world has ever seen" 1997. over 20 years online.
outside a handful of offline friends that have emailed NOT ONE PERSON OUT OF OVER 18000 HAS FELT

the silence screems at me constantly - 'keith? get off yer shit'